About us

Our mission is to create a balance between reasoning and spirituality, and tackle superstition in Africa. We envision a continent where the mind of the African yourth is developed, fostering independence and global competitiveness. Our purpose is to inspire growth and transformation

Our 4P Principle


Anathoth Consults establishes a clear promise to our clients, defining the value and benefits we will provide. This builds trust and forms the foundation for our client relationships.


We develop a well-defined process, implementing structured methodologies and strategies to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in delivering our services. This systematic approach ensures consistent and reliable results.


Anathoth Consults focuses on creating high-quality products, both tangible and intangible, that address our clients' needs. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering valuable and impactful offerings.


While delivering vlue is a priority, Anathoth Consults also recognizes the importance of generating profit. Through our expertise, successful outcomes, and sustainable profitability, we can continue to invest in innovation and expand their services